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18 January 2008, 11:06

Last Saturday I was at the comfortable—but no less professional—podcasting studio of Chaosradio (host Tim Pritlove’s home). The discussion was easy‐flowing and the result was a podcast of almost two hours (in German) about usability and interaction design.

It was great to do the podcast together with usability consultant Ellen Reitmayr. Not only have Ellen and I been working together for years, on projects like GIMP, openPrinting and openusability, and had a complete story to tell about that. Also we have been discussing and exploring for years the central theme of the podcast: the way usability and interaction architecture integrate and complement each other.

In a similar way Ellen and I were able to integrate and complement our stories from our own profession’s point of view during the podcast. The fact that we have contrasting opinions and diagnoses of mainstream topics like ‘how good is the UI of windows/office/mac OS‐X?’ spiced up the conversation.

last chance saloon

As mentioned at the end of the podcast: the application period of the season of usability openPrinting associate interaction architect opening lapsed on January 10th. But I am giving it a couple more days, so if you are a finishing student/starting professional and want to work with me on a cool, challenging and high profile interaction design project: apply this weekend…

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