7 November 2006, 23:33

Christoph Evers—masters student of HCI in Lund, Sweden— interviewed me for a class assignment. The result was this essay, and it makes for an interesting read.


Now that you have read it, I feel that there are two things I should have said a bit clearer in the original interview.

the Zen‐moment

The Zen‐moment is not when you have found just any old solution for a particular problem, it is when you have found the solution. This moment comes as a revelation, everything is suddenly very clear. You simply know the solution you have found has an unbeatable intrinsic elegance, similar to that of e=mc2.

product vision

It may seem from the interview that the product vision—that I formulate together with the management and development team of my customer—in some way contains my ideas about what needs to be achieved in the project.

The opposite is true. The vision formulated here is solely my customer’s. I am simply a catalyst in getting it down on paper. The value I create with this method is by:

  • getting it formulated at all; for most of my customers it is a revelation to see the essence of what they are trying to achieve;
  • using it as the ultimate foundation for any further UI decision in the project, and in this way ensuring I am achieving the ultimate goals of my customer.

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